A new beginning to iDocument

Simplicity & efficiency in document management

What's new in iDocument Plus

iDocument Plus is a big upgrade based on iDocument 2, while designing it, lots of new functions and features are added to satisfy more specific requirements from users. It is now improved from a document organizer to an information organizer. It's now supports almost every kinds of data you have in your Mac, like new scanned invoices, receipts, important emails, webpages, movies, pictures, etc. And you can do more actions like scan files, find duplicates, share files and swap libraries, etc. iDocument Plus will be the perfect data organize app for your productivity works.

Multiple color themes for customers to pick the best UI to organise your valuable data.

Invoices, Receipts, work emails, important documents, those files can be directly imported into iDocument+ to organise.

iDocument+ helps you find out all duplicated files in your Mac.

The latest Mavericks tags is now supported in iDocument+, and the tags you added in iDocument will be found under Spotlight too.

Easily switching among multiple libraries for different usages.

iDocument Comparison

iDocument 2 iDocument Plus
Supported Formats iWork, MS-Office, PDF, OpenOffice, Text, Images, OmniGroups, eBooks, Google Docs, Mindnote, Mindmap, Html iWork, MS-Office, PDF, OpenOffice, Text, Images, OmniGroups, eBooks, Video, Audio, Comicbooks, Web archives, Email archives, Archives, Google Docs, Mindnote, Mindmap, Html, Bookmark
Retina Display
Importing Folder Structures
Index Importing Cloud Documents
Index Importing Local Documents
Importing Scan Papers
10.9 Mavericks Tags
Multi-dimensional Organising workflow
Smart Organising Views & Full ScreenMode
Documents Password Encryption
Boost Data Performance
Smart Auto Grouping
Multiple Databases Swapping
Email/Webpage Archiving
Advanced Global Search
Flexible Share Feature
App Themes Swapping
Flag GTD Annotation
Quick Share Between iDocument

Amazing Features


The brand new security feature to hide your private documents with password locker.


A section you could quickly access to your target documents with auto classifications.


Index documents allows you to import documents without move or copy them.


You’re now be able to export 1:1 folder structures directly from iDocument to finder.

Share documents with your workmates, classmate or others by variety different channels.


To make iDocument more practical, we added more supported formats in the program.


Multi touch gestures provide you more convenience to manage or browse documents.

Full Screen

This feature let you take full advantages of the bright large Mac display to see more.

Mavericks 10.9

Fully tested in latest Mac OS. iDocument is running steady & stable in the Mavericks.

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