Manage image for mac

Sparkbox helps you managing images for your design, unlike iPhoto, It is designed to manage the images besides the picture or photograph you took. It is wonderful when you could browse or find your design inspirations, image collections in a delightful and clean image library; It is perfect for designer to manage image collection and take good use of your visual inspiration.

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Mac 10.6.8 or Later Required

Download Sparkbox for iPhone on App Store

iOS 6.0 or Later Required

Manage Image Inspirations
To understand and use your collection better

Sparkbox provides the sophisticated management workflow in the easiest way, managing images are simplified to these little steps:

  • Importing

    Drag and drop and snap to Capture importing.

  • Browsing

    Intuitive vivid interface everything is perfect for your eyes.

  • Hierarchical structure

    Tidy structure, ability to keep your previous structures.

  • Tagging

    Fascinating easy tag system with independent tag manage panel.

  • Favorite

    1 click to make them standby in the folder for your further action.

  • Rating

    Gives you the most familiar method to rank your images.

Highlight to Spark Inspirations
Highlights your inspiration with crystal beauty

There are always a good reason to leave some comments or feedback on your collections. Especially when you'd like to highlight certain object or area in the image, and add your comments right on it. You'll find your idea is fulfilled so easily in Sparkbox. The comment feature lets you easily select the target area with a crystal frame, and your comment will appear right below the window.

Built-in Color Search Engine
The most intuitive searching means

Search images by title, tags is convenient but never intuitive enough for designers who only got abstract impressions in mind. So, the color search engine is introduced firstly in the Search engine system like. And now a brand new color search engine is introduced in Sparkbox, you could easily find images directly by moving your finger on the color bar, Sparkbox will filter all images with the color you chosen. What's more, the filter result can be adjusted to accurate of a pixel; exactly what a designer is looking for.

Snap Away With Happiness
Batch Snap favorite web images by one click

Have you ever had an irresistible impulse to grab pretty images from a 'Top 10 images of the day' page, a wallpaper blog, or you want to save all the search result from google images. This Web snap feature is the only feature you'll ever need to do these jobs. With the help of Safari Websnap extension, only one click, you'll have every image loaded in Sparkbox available for you to choose, and next second, you're managing these images right in your Mac.

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More to tell

The app is made for 10.7, and it gives you the opportunities to feel the real benefits of the latest advanced system.

  • Multi-Touch Gestures

    Full multi touch experience is applied in Sparkbox, Pinch to zoom, swap to next, double tap enlarge, all iOS feeling.

  • 64-bit Architecture

    There is no limitation for Sparkbox runs under 32-bit environment, it is designed to run under 64-bit with full horse power, you'll have really quick processing speed while mange your images.

  • Full-Screen

    Browsing your images in full screen is so great, especially when you have a 20 inches big mac screen. You could enjoy every pixel the image provided.

  • Grand Central Dispatch

    Faster processing for certain functions through the use of all CPU cores. Boost the performances while managing your images.

  • Lion Supported

    The app is made for 10.7, and it gives you the opportunities to feel the real benefits of the latest advanced system.

  • Cocoa Foundation

    The entire application is made in the latest Cocoa framework, it is the real native application, and it is interactive and easy to use something you're good at it.

Attention to detail, innovative interface designed for working with images, a real Mac OS X app.